Full Power Finance's purpose is simple: to make the context of personal finance clear & accessible, in simple language, in an effort to empower individuals’ in making wise financial decisions, in controlling their personal finances, and subsequently their lives.

Why FPF?

Frankly, we’re pissed off and fed up at seeing our family members, peers, colleagues and communities, suffer from complete confusion and overwhelm when it comes to personal finance. Non of whom seem to have a clue of what to do with their finances and/or how to operate with any degree of conviction when it comes to their personal wealth. Even people who are generating lots of income seem to be completely lost in the burden and stress of uncertainty and complete overwhelm regarding finance, financial information, and discovering an actionable/clear path that is determinate.

FPF aims to alleviate this burden with two primary approaches:

  • Clarity: One of the primary problems with personal finance information is the lack of clarity, as well as a fundamental lack of understanding regarding the systemic context we all operate in i.e. the structure of the system as it relates to the individual. FPF filters out all the noise/”advise”/recipes/formulas in order to establish a clear, informative and logical structure for the financial management for individuals.

  • Control: Most people have a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety centered around their finances and wealth. Most of which can be alleviated through a simple framework and the actionable implementation of a fundamental understanding of the personal finance core concepts. Coupled with effective resources and tools, context + tools = control.

How Do We Help?

FPF provides the framework needed for financial control, and offers curated resource recommendations designed to both, empower an individual through a fundamental understanding of personal financial context, as well as provide simple, effective, and more importantly, actionable exercises used by financial professionals at the highest levels.

What’s The Catch?

Nothing here is for sale. We are not here to make money off of you. Our agenda is simple: releasing personal financial context to those who seek it. Why? because we actually care about individuals’ financial well-being, and the repercussions of the status quo on society at large.