The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.
— Anonymous
  • Time is NOT money ->  Time is infinitely more valuable than money.

  • Finance is a tool, it's a technology, it's a language, it is NOT a measure of a human being.

  • Finance can either entrap time, or it can free time. The differentiation depends on the way one relates to its function.

  • Personal financial control shouldn't be overly complicated/complex. Simple is beautiful, and powerful.  

  • Fear of finance is not a valid excuse, for not achieving your goals.

  •  Money is the 'liquid' powering the global financial machine. In order to control your personal finance i.e. control your life within the machine, one must address finance as part of this context.

  • Solely trading time for money is a meaningless and dated business model for the individual-- what’s more, we believe that simply trading time for money is part of a well oiled cycle, keeping individuals financially handicapped for life.  

  •  Personal finance should not be a source of misery, it should be the source of personal empowerment. Imagine a world where everyone is empowered by finance not enslaved to it #Determinate_Finance.

  •  Money is a tool, not a goal.

  •  Transparency, and the open-exchange of knowledge with others as part of a meaningful conversation, is vital in sustaining a healthy economy, society, and culture.

  • Freedom is our agenda. Knowledge is our potential. Action is our power.