Finance: What’s the Point & Why Should I Care?

My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.
— Steve Jobs

Time vs. Finance

Whether you like it or not, finance commands a ceaseless power that is ever-present in our daily lives. The flow of capital is an unrelenting global force that propels global economies, influences governments, empowers corporations, it also permeates into our daily decisions, considerations, thoughts and emotions. Finance and money are the constant backdrop in our daily decisions and mindsets. Finance can even invade our feelings and relationships. Finance and money are "omnipresent", they are everywhere, they are fundamentally human.

Facing these facts is the first step toward reaching full financial control in one’s life. As Americans we all believe in personal freedoms and we all crave financial mobility; so why is finance a source of so much anxiety, pain, and suffering? After all, finance is a tool that is meant to enrich and amplify our lives, not control and imprison us, right? The bottom line is obvious: in order to get anywhere in life, and to have control of your precious time, you’re going to need to manage and control your finances, make them work for you, and learn how to do so as effectively and efficiently as possible.  

So, what is money anyway? Forget what you think you know.

Money is NOT:

  • time.

  • a goal.

  • your life’s mission.

  • a reason to get up in the morning.

  • a measure of your personal worth as a human being.

Money is:

  • a technology.

  • a means to an end.

  • a medium of exchange and communication between people.

Understanding how to use financial resources to your advantage is a vital skill when controlling your finances, your time, and, most importantly, your life choices/ trajectory.  

The Framework

The following financial framework is designed to help one reach full financial control. Each of the following 10 chapters introduces a core concept of finance, and demonstrates its application as it relates to the individual, with a clear and simple explanation and/or exercise to get one well on their way to mastering the skills of successful financial management.

This is a Zero BS Financial Framework. It’s a plain, simple, effective, practical framework that has been thoroughly tested in the real world.

This framework utilizes the structure financial professionals use at the highest levels, simplified in terms of personal finance. It is not meant to hold one’s hand, nor is it meant to teach one everything there is to know about personal finance, instead, the aim is to get one well on their way to reaching full financial control, by aligning the individual with a financial framework and context for personal finance as they relate the the overarching financial system.

The first chapters begin with a bit of self reflection and an overview: making lists of one’s inventories and outlining one’s financial goals. From there, the framework demonstrates the translation of this information into the three core financial statements. Each of the following chapters, after statements, then focuses on the specific component of these statements to help one fully comprehend and optimize their finances, and learn how to think of them in relation to the whole. The end goal here is to give an individual full understanding and control over their personal finances, and ultimately their time.

Let’s get started with the first exercise.


If money wasn’t a major factor in your life, what would you be doing every day from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep? If you weren’t so influenced by money, what would you do with your time/life?

Imagine for a moment, you own a home with no mortgage payments, you have enough money for all your necessities - food, utilities, transportation, insurance, communications, etc. - your family is taken care of, and you have enough regular income to give you piece of mind.

What would you do then?

Consider for a moment the life you want to lead: How are you spending your time everyday? How do you want to be spending your time? What do you need to do to get yourself in that position? What are your goals/desires/missions/passions?

Having a hard time coming up with specific answers? Think about the following as guidance:

Family and Values: What are you doing for your family and friends?

Creative Control: Are you pursuing your passion? Is your career on the right path? Are you controlling your creative production?

Mobility: Does your location matter? Mobility and location independence is a form of freedom. Even if you are content where you are, it is liberating to be able to have the freedom of global mobility.

Causes, Community, and Belonging: How are you helping others? Your community? What is your impact? How are you fulfilling your potential? What do you believe in?

Direction: What does your life look like on your own terms? Are you going to look back 10-20-30 years from now and be proud of your actions? What are the main obstacles preventing you from being where you want to be now or in the future?